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Welcome - High-Resolution Depth Profiling
June 27th - 30th, 2011





Program Committee


Chair : I. Vickridge (Paris)

V. Esaulov (Orsay)

P. Roncin (Orsay)

M. D’Angelo (paris)                

D. Schmaus (Paris)

D. Jalabert (Grenoble)           

J-J. Ganem (Paris)

C Deville-Cavellin (Paris)

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Japan Earthquake

The HRDP6 Conference organizers are dismayed by the dramatic events that are unfolding in Japan as a consequence of the devastating earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear power plant failures. The Ion Beam Community has many strong links to the vigorous ion beam groups from all across Japan: our hearts are with them, their colleagues and their families as the full scale of the situation becomes clear, and the effects ripple through Japanese society, and beyond.


The purpose of the workshop is to provide a fertile forum for exchange of ideas, discussion of problems and presentation of new results in the field of Low and Medium Energy Ion Scattering, Rutherford Backscattering Spectrometry and Elastic Recoil Energy Analysis with sub-nanometric depth resolution, Narrow Nuclear Resonance profiling and Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry, as well as surface and interface structure determinations using ion beams. Contributions are also solicited from related fields that have an impact on, or that can be impacted by, the topics above. The Workshop is concerned with both development of the underlying methodology, including fundamental ion-solid interactions, and applications of high resolution depth profiling in areas such as nano-technology, semiconductor device development, surface and interface characterization at the atomic scale, and study of thin film growth processes. Both theoretical and experimental contributions are welcomed. The workshop follows five highly successful workshops held in Abingdon (UK - 2000), Kyungju (Korea - 2002), Bar Harbor (USA - 2005), Radebeul (Germany - 2007) and Kyoto (Japan - 2009). The meeting will consist of invited lectures, and contributed oral and poster contributions, with opportunities for early career researchers and doctoral students to present their work.


Important DatesNouvelle fenêtre

Local Organising Committee


Chair : I. Vickridge (Paris)

D. Schmaus (Paris)             C. Deville-Cavellin (Paris)

M. D’Angelo (Paris)           I. Trimaille (Paris)

S. Younés (Paris)                 E. Briand (Paris)

S. Steydli (Paris)                  G. Deokar (Paris)

D. Benzeggouta(Paris)         J.-J. Ganem